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 The Preppers Traffic Light System is the ultimate guide to prepping. The Preppers guide is tailored to help people of all different levels and make it easy to consume.

You don’t have to have a bunker in your garden to be prepared. It can be simple things like knowing what essentials you will need in your house should the worst case happen.

The Preppers Traffic Light System makes this easy to accomplish in manageable steps. Make sure you are prepared for that rainy day. The blog comprises of handy tutorials and articles to help you get started.

Select your category from below and get started or take a lucky dip with some recommended articles further down.

The perfect accessory for anyone starting out on their prepping journey. Articles to help you start slow and get the basics of prepping down. There will be no drinking your own urine in here…yes that is a survivalist thing!

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Stay in green or work up to next level preparedness. The “PROFICIENT” level. These Amber tasks & lessons will take you slightly more out of your comfort zone, as you learn how to be even better prepared in readiness for more serious situations.

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Keen to even further develop your skills? The “ADVANCED” level is true Prepper territory.  Don’t STOP Now…You love this stuff & are all in with your prepper lifestyle & skills

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The best long-life foods for Prepping

The best long-life foods for Prepping

Food. We need it to survive and prepping is the ultimate survivalist approach so it makes sense that we chat further about food storage & in particular long-life food types. So, what are the best long-life foods for prepping? How do we store food for prepping?...

What is Prepping & What is a Prepper?

What is Prepping & What is a Prepper?

The “typical” prepper can often be seen wearing an iconic looking gas mask.  But in reality, most preppers are fairly regular everyday people, just ones who are way more prepared to cope in a crisis or disaster. If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is that we...

Who is David Pugh?

Who is David Pugh?

I’m just a regular guy, reasonably fit for my age but no athlete, no ex-special forces guy that’s for sure. But, what I am is a family man who loves his family and will do anything to protect and keep them safe. I do not like to rely on anyone else, nor do I need to...

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